Customer Loyalty Program

Customer Loyalty & Cash Back

Exclusive Fiddlers Offers and Deals:

Purchase a $40.00 value card for $20.00….50% Off

30% off Saydlux birthday package that is booked online

FREE Laser Tag with purchase of $10.00 Arcade Card

Scan the QR Code or click the buttons below to download the cashback app.

Once you have downloaded the cashback app from the play store and confirmed your email, you can begin saving at all your favorite stores.

Cashback App

When shopping thru the cashback platform, customers will be able to receive instant cash back at their favorite stores
They will also earn shopping points. These shopping points are like universal coupons that can only be redeemed at local stores that are participating with Cash Back World.

Fiddlers Fun Center offers exclusive deals to cash back world users such as:
Purchase a 40.00 value card for 20.00
30% off Saydlux birthday package that is booked online
Free Laser Tag with purchase of 10.00 Arcade Card

These exclusive deals can be redeemed by opening the cash back app and clicking on Fiddlers Fun Center
Then click on “Offers and Deals” then click on the offer you intend to use in the next 30 days.
This offer will now be saved in your profile “my deals”

Download the Cashback app to start saving at all your favorite stores

Once the app is registered, customers can shake the app. This will bring up a QR Code that the customer service rep will scan. This will help tally money spent at the store and the cash back and shopping points that have been earned.
These shopping points can used like universal coupons with other stores that are participating with the cash back world app, or at Fiddlers Fun Center
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Watch a short tutorial on how to use the app

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